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Monster Classification Index

In Mudothan, classes are referred to by their class name + born. For example the Shek Class are the Shekborn.

Shek Class

Shek are very unique creatures. They all stem from mutations of the Sheky.


Avg. Height: 55 cm. / 1.8 ft.

Avg. Weight: 28 kg. / 61 lbs.

Classification: Shek

The most basic monster of the Shek class. Shekie can produce a small burst of flame and use it as a distraction in order to pounce on or impale their enemies. They are simple, independent creatures that reproduce asexually, making it difficult to distinguish one from another. There are rumors that Shekie have tried to speak.


Avg. Height: 1.1 m. / 3.6 ft.

Avg. Weight: 135 kg. / 298 lbs.

Classification: Shek

This Shek will charge at practically any monster it sees. Moshek with longer trunks are usually the dominant ones, as it provides longer reach over their opponents. They are thought to be the first mutation of the Sheky due to the similarities between the two. They are sometimes referred to as the Three-Legged Shek.


Avg. Height: 1.8 m. / 6 ft.

Avg. Weight: 108 kg. / 238 lbs.

Classification: Shek

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Beast Class

Monsters of this class are warm-blooded & typically possess hair or fur.


Avg. Height: 45 cm. / 1.5 ft.

Avg. Weight: 3.3 kg. / 7.3 lbs.

Classification: Beast

Almost equivalent to the moles of Earth, Rilaba are excellent at carving tunnels and even use their horn to cut through harder stone that their claws can’t break through. They keep & value pieces of their horns that chip off. Rilaba been known to be quite sassy and display pride to the point of arrogance when it comes to their work.


Avg. Height: 43 cm. / 1.4 ft.

Avg. Weight: 10 kg. / 22 lbs.

Classification: Beast

Borguki scavenge for the skulls of their predators to appear threatening. As they grow older they find newer, larger skulls and have been known to use other bones as tools or weapons.


Avg. Height: 23 cm. / 9 in.

Avg. Weight: 4.5 kg. / 10 lbs.

Classification: Beast

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Avg. Height: 94.5 cm. / 3.1 ft.

Avg. Weight: 76 kg. / 167 lbs. 

Classification: Beast

The manes of Ahadora can grow in a few different shapes. For example, some grow similar to a galea of a gladiator helmet, others like a Mohawk starting from their foreheads down to their tails, and some even grow manes like that of a horse.


Avg. Height: 1.6 m. / 5.2 ft.

Avg. Weight: 90 kg. / 198 lbs.

Classification: Beast

These monsters are fierce and territorial. They often don't associate with other monsters or even factions of Okadosh from different areas, which are distinguishable by the color of their stripes. The colors if Okadosh stripes are determined by diet.


Avg. Height: 2.5 m. / 8.2 ft.

Avg. Weight: 180 kg. / 396 lbs.

Classification: Beast

Uthora are great protectors. They act very defensively but, if provoked, will stretch their limbs and open their massive jaws to display dominance, sometimes removing the need to fight. An Uthora named Uthali acted as Phorev’s adoptive mother.

Insect Class

Monsters of this class are invertebrates that possess exoskeletons.


Avg. Height: 54 cm. / 21.6 in.

Avg. Weight: 270 g. / 9.5 oz.

Classification: Insect

Shiboda’s horns grow to wrap around their bodies and are as hard as iron. These monsters use their horns to their full advantage; using them to attack, defend, and even pry things open. Many shield crests are modeled after this monster.


Avg. Height: 15.2 cm. / 6 in.

Avg. Weight: 170 g. / 6 oz.

Classification: Insect

These monsters are able to jump up to 20 ft. high and can often be seen jumping in unison with others of its kind to appear larger to predators. Hoppers are relatively harmless, however they are able to bite using the tips of their legs if needed. If a monster has 6 dots on its body, it can be assumed that a Hopper had landed on and bitten it.

Sky Class

Sky Class Monsters are defined by their ability to fly.


Avg. Height: 67 cm. / 2.2 ft.

Avg. Weight: 5 kg. / 11 lbs.

Avg. Wingspan: 1.5 m. / 5 ft.

Classification: Skyborn

Often perched on low branches and blended in with surrounding leaves, Gorogasho wait for their prey to walk under them to rain a deadly beam of energy upon them. Battles for dominance between two of these monsters is a sight to see — two Gorogasho will circle around one another while trying to knock each other out of the sky using their death beams. At night these battles light up the sky.


Avg. Height: 80 cm. / 2.6 ft.

Avg. Weight: 3 kg. / 6.6 lbs.

 Avg. Wingspan: 1.7 m. / 5.6 ft.

Classification: Skyborn

The unique flight pattern of the Vokela is a similar shape to an infinity sign. They do this to quickly scout wide areas for food as well as performing evasive maneuvers to avoid being caught by a bigger monster, however this doesn’t usually work to avoid Darshers. Vokela also sing to find mates while flying in unique patterns, making for very recognizable, very strange sounding calls due to the doppler effect.

Sea Class

Water Monsters live in or under water for most of - if not all of - their life.

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Nature Class

Monsters of this class are described as relating to or stemming from organic material that is neither invertebrate nor vertebrate such as plant life & fungi.

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Boulder Class

Monsters of this class are described as relating to or stemming from inorganic material such as soil, rock, or metal.


Avg. Height: 1.7 m. / 5.5 ft.

Avg. Weight: 840 kg. / 1,850 lbs.

Classification: Boulderborn

Some say Koroshers are the children of Shogo. The crystals of each Korosher are unique and grow in different areas of their body. If a crystal grows in an inconvenient location their kin will help break it off and use the remains of the crystal for various things such as decoration or tools. Koroshers can dig tunnels at a pace of 35 meters per hour. You can tell Krosher mountain colonies apart from the color of their crystals.


Avg. Height: 28 cm. / 11 in.

Avg. Weight: 4.5 kg. / 10 lbs.

Classification: Boulderborn

If stepped on, Korego will impale the food of its in-tread-er with the sharpest stone on its body, which is usually placed on its crown to prevent this situation.


Avg. Height: 58 cm. / 1.9 ft.

Avg. Weight: 38 kg. / 84 lbs.

Classification: Bolderborn

Soil that was once home to an Iko is extremely fertile. To protect themselves Iko will generate bursts of electricity that can range around 5 meters in diameter. Sometimes they spark as a warning.


Avg. Height: 100 cm. / 3.2 ft.

Avg. Weight: 108 kg. / 239 lbs.

Classification: Bolderborn

These monsters are thought to be an icy cousin of the Korego. Monsters of Mushothis model their "snowmen" to look like these monsters. If the icy exterior of the Eshali melts, it will die, leaving behind its single spike of a body.

Darsher Class

"Darsher" in English would translate roughly as what we know to be a dragon. These monsters often have fierce claws, breathe fire, and great tails. They are considered the ultimate Monsters on Mushothis.

Adolescent Mamuby


Avg. Height (Adolescent): 16 cm. / 6.2 in.

Avg. Weight (Adolescent): 3.2 kg. / 8 lbs.

Avg. Height (Adult): 3.3 m. / 11 ft.

Avg. Weight (Adult): 42 kg. / 93 lbs.

Classification: Darsher

The adolescents appear completely different than the adults. At a certain point in their life Mamuby will fully develop gas sacs, allowing them to breathe fire. While learning to control their fiery breath, the Mamuby will burn all of its baby fur off revealing the Darsher within the puffball. Little tufts of fur will grow back over time, but never enough to fully cover the Darsher like before. 


Avg. Height: 2.1 m. / 6.9 ft.

Avg. Weight: 1270 kg. / 1800 lbs.

Classification: Darsher

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Mystery Class

Mystery Class Monsters do not fit into any other classification & are typically the most dangerous of all Monsters. Monsters of the Mystery Class are commonly referred to as "yeshoho" meaning "demons".